To make your presentation better to remember and be above to the others in terms of visual quality, it should be bright and dynamic. Using of 3D animation and graphics definitely could be right solution.
Our work is already being used as part of reports and films demonstrated on Russian and International conferences and video competitions, they are appreciated listeners, and speakers regularly took prizes and get awards.

Three-dimensional graphics allows you:

– To show a course of operation from physically impossible view angle, in a cut, in a translucent mode or even from within!
– Evidently to explain to the patient forthcoming operation;
– To model result of operation;
– To show a course of operation, which video record is impossible to show for the ethical and moral reasons.

Our experts are ready to create 3D animation on your ideas. Years of experience with medical 3D-animation and the unique technology and the inexhaustible potential allow us to create a unique three-dimensional graphics for Yours purposes. We know how to make your presentation be unforgettable.

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  • ASCRS 2012 – 1st Place Winner in Special Cases:┬áPresenter Boris E Malyugin MD PhD
Microincisional Surgery of Subluxated Lenses with Modified Capsular Tension Ring:
  • ESCRS 2010 – 1st Place Winner -in- Special Cases: Boris E. Malyugin, MD, PhD
  • ASCRS 2010 – 1st Place Winner -in- Instruments & Devices/IOLs: Boris E. Malyugin, MD, PhD

Microendoscopy-Assisted IOL Scleral Fixation:

  • Runner-up (2nd Prize). APACRS Film Festival. XXII-th APACRS Congress. Tokyo, 2009.
  • Second Prize. 105th DOG Congress. Video Competition. Berlin, 2007.
  • Second Prize. ESCRS/Alcon Video Competition. XXVth ESCRS Congress, Stockholm, 2007.
  • Runner-up (2nd Prize). ASCRS 2007 Film Festival.

New Technique Of Phaco Surgery In A Small Pupil:

  • Winner. APAO Film Festival. APAO Congress. Bali, 2009.
  • Winner. APACRS Film Festival. Category: Cataract and Implant Surgery. XXI-st APACRS Congress. Bangkok, 2008.
  • Third Prize. ESCRS/Alcon Video Competition. XXVI-th ESCRS Congress, Berlin, 2008.

Clinical and pathophysiologic analysis of the excimer laser with a wavelength of 193nm and 223nm in refractive surgery:

  • Grand Prix of the European Society of ophthalmologists ( “SOE” 2008)

Russian Solution to Small Pupil Phaco and Tamsulosin Floppy Iris Syndrome:

  • First prize. ASCRS 2006 Film Festival.
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